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Hannahstown Parish

Ballymacward Primary School represents Northern Ireland in Global Challenge against hunger

Ballymacward School Present Cheque to Save the Children

On Tuesday 16 October, the children of Ballymacward, a small rural primary school located between Hannahstown and Stoneyford in Co. Antrim, joined 7 - 11 year olds from around the world to run 1500m relay races in order to highlight the plight of starving children in poor countries. According to Save the Children, the charity organising the event, 300 children die every hour of every day because they can't get the food they need and many others are left with permanent physical or mental damage.


Brendan Sadlier, interim principal of the school, stated: 'A number of e-mails from worthy causes come through the school every week, but this one caught our attention because the event supported our aims of increasing the children's participation in sport following the summer's Olympics and Paralympics and it was also a cause that the children could readily identify with; the plight of children around the world who are less fortunate than themselves.'

The pupils were organised into four teams of nine, with each child running either three or four legs of 50m. With enthusiastic support from parents, staff and younger children, the teams' times ranged from 5:01 mins to 5:38mins, very creditable compared with their international fellow competitors, although some way short of Hicham El Guerrouj's world record time for the 1500m of 3:26mins, set in Rome in 1998!

Ballymacward was the only school in Northern Ireland taking part in the event and £100 was raised for the charity. More importantly, however, the support shown around the globe will strengthen Save the Children's hand in its determination to make world leaders sit up and take notice of the terrible predicament facing the world's poorest children.
Ballymacward PS
 22 Rock Road
 BT28 3SU

Following their successful completion of the Save the Children 1500m Challenge to raise awareness of the plight of hungry and starving children around the world.

 Mrs. Sheila Scarlett from the charity visited Ballymacward Primary School recently to receive a cheque for £100 from P.2 pupil, Joseph Cleland.

Ballymacward was the only school in Northern Ireland to take part in this global event. Photos can be seen on the school’s website: