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Hannahstown Parish


The Smoke All Blows the One Way

My Granny Fisher had a unique view

of the many different strands of Christianity;

she used to say,

“The smoke all blows the one way!”

It was her way of explaining that,

at the end of the day,

the prayers of all Christians

are heard by the same God.

Last night

I went to the carol service

that was organised by my parish,

the Catholic parish of Hannahstown.

The carol service was led by Father Kevin

from Hannahstown

and by Reverend John

from the Church of Ireland

at Stonyford.  

There was a real cross-community feel

to the carol service.  

Father Kevin and Reverend John

stood side by side on the altar,

dressed identically

in robes of black, white and purple

and taking it in turns

to lead the congregation in prayer.

Catholic primary school children

led the singing

and re-enacted the Christmas story

while Rosemary, from the Church of Ireland,

played the organ.  

And all the while

Catholics and Protestants sat side by side

in the congregation.

I had a strong sense

of Christians setting aside differences

to celebrate all that we share in common.  

Granny Fisher would have loved this carol service

and I know exactly

what she would have said about it -  

“Sure doesn’t the smoke all blow the one way?”

©  Claire Murray

Each week  either a selection of poetry or spiritual writing from  Claire Murray, a Hannahstown parishioner.  <LINK TO CLAIRE’S WEBSITE>